Firstly YES you can still order! But listen.

If you order ONE tshirt, this CAN be sent as a large letter WITHOUT tracking.

If you order TWO tshirts, this is now a parcel. I cannot send parcels UNLESS they come with tracking. This means that if you order more than one shirt OR a bulky item for example a jumper, you MUST purchase tracking with your order otherwise I will email you asking for tracking payment OR it will be refunded.

This is the only way I post internationally at the moment.



There is currently a pandemic happening right now if you didn't know. Which means shipping WILL be delayed. There is nothing I can do about it and it is to be expected. I would appreciate your patience and understanding while I continue to run my business as best I can through this tough time.


Abusive emails will not be tolerated. Be patient and be kind.

Thanks :)